Josh proposed to me on November 19th. He put A LOT of planning into his very sweet and thoughtful proposal, and I was 100% unsuspecting! He’s amazing.

Here’s the story in the shortest nutshell I could manage… He lured me to a fake work meeting one block from the White House and across the street from where we first met. He completely caught me off guard. What a wonderful surprise… But it didn’t stop there. After having a celebratory cocktail with just the two of us, I thought he had dinner plans. But we were airport bound with a bag packed for me by Josh in the trunk and my passport in his pocket!

I found out where we were going when we reached the gate. Frankfurt, Germany! Hmm, you say? I thought that too, Germany isn’t the place I think of when proposals or romance come to mind. But hey, I love going anywhere, particularly with Josh. He got me all the way to Germany, happy as a clam, only to pull out another surprise telling me that we were actually changing planes and going to Istanbul, Turkey. YIPPEE! My favorite city and the place Josh and I first traveled together. I’m one lucky lucky girl.

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  1. Cheryl Bittel says:

    Congtratulations. I can’t wait. Where is the location?

  2. susan says:

    Yeah!! This is incredible and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Love you guys, S&J&S&H&S
    p.s. Perfect weather on order.

  3. Kim-Son says:

    Wow! What a sweet story! I didn’t know Josh was such a romantic. 🙂

    Congratulations to both of you!

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