My Dad

Before leaving the country, Sasha and I planned to spend some time with family that we weren’t going to see for a while. Sasha headed to Indiana to see her dad and I went to California to see mine.

When I got home, I went out to dinner with my father and brother and spent the following day with my dad. The next morning he complained of chest pain and we took him to the emergency room. He got progressively worse over the next four days in the hospital. Unfortunately, my father hasn’t been in great health. At 81, he has diabetes and renal failure in addition to a very bad heart.

Like my mom, he made the decision to go home and receive hospice care. He has been much more comfortable since doing so and has even grown stronger over the past few days. It’s been a tough and long couple of weeks, but I feel lucky to spend this time with him.

Needless to say, we’re delaying the start of our trip and spending more time with my dad.

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  1. Nathan E. says:

    Josh – While I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s health, it’s such a blessing that this happened at a time when you were able to be with him. He, you, and the whole Peck family will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks.

  2. OH Josh,

    My love goes to you and your dad. I wish his days continue to be blessed and painless.



  3. Odessa says:

    I admire you for having the wisdom to make such an important decision. Lots of love, Odessa

  4. Erin says:

    Saying a prayer for you and your dad. Ask lots of questions, listen to his answers, and laugh a lot together.


  5. Marcelle LeDoux says:


    I am so sorry to hear about your dad, but I am so glad that you Sasha didn’t leave as yet and these days you are spending is very precious, you have great memories. I am so glad that you and Sasha tied the knot this year, so your dad was able to be a part of your celebration. Enjoy each and every day with him. I will keep the family in prayer.


  6. mary ann says:

    I will keep him in myprayers and for the family also ! God Bless you all. love, mary ann and gary in ohio

  7. Ged Tebbutt says:

    Dear Josh

    So sorry to hear that Dad is not well. We will pray and hope that the new year will bring back good health.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Peace and Love

    Rita & Gedxx

    • Joshua Peck says:

      Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

      • susan peck says:

        Dear Josh,

        Thank you for this photo of Donnie. He looks peaceful and still my handsome cousin.
        You were a very young boy when I visited your parents in your home in March of 75. They
        were so in love with you and very happy. I was traveling on my own visiting family from San Diego up to San Francisco driving along the coast on my 1st California trip as an adult. It was exhilerating tp be free to see and do whatever I wanted. Having been fortunate up to then to travel adventurously parts of the world as India and East Africa for what I hoped would never end, I was diagnosed with MS in May and my world as I knew it changed completely. I tell you this because I sense the joy of life you and your wife are having together. It thrills me to feel this way about you. I can see the pride in your parents eyes whenever we met while you were growing taller. No wonder!! xxx

        • Joshua Peck says:

          Susan, thanks for sharing. I had no idea that was what led up to you being diagnosed with ms. It wasn’t easy figuring out the right time to take a trip like this. Ultimately we decided that between careers and settling down, it was now or never.

          We hope, at least in some small way, to bring everyone with us via our blog. So glad you are one of them!

  8. Juanita Cox says:

    Hi Josh,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s condition but glad to know he has such a supportive family and is now in the comfort of his home. You and Sasha are doing the right thing by delaying the holiday. I know that you will always treasure the memories of the time that you are presently spending together. Rod and I are thinking of you and your Dad and send our best wishes.

    Lots of Love

  9. Zena Bone says:

    Josh thank you for updating us on your Dad’s heath. The timing is so right for you to be there with him, talk to him, hold his hand, rub his head, and the comfort would be soothing. I am so happy he was in better health to be present to witness you and Sasha tying the knot. Misha has also ask to give your Dad a pat of love.

    Zena and Fred

  10. Jeanne Bruce says:

    Josh, What a beautiful photo of your father. It manifests your love for him and his love for you. I am grateful that you shared this moment with all of us. I will be thinking of you all. Love, Jeanne Temple Maine

  11. kristin haffert says:


    I’m thinking of you guys. I didn’t realize you were still in CA. I hope your dad is comfortable and that your enjoying your time together. indeed, how fortuitous that you were able to be with him during this time.


  12. Ian Kass says:


    Wishing you and your father our best. We will keep him in our prayers.


  13. Vicky Rateau says:


    Your dad and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you good vibes.


  14. Betsy schreiber says:

    Sasha and Josh,
    What an amazing opportunity to travel and explore. Sorry to hear your Dad has been ill, but great that you were able to spend special time with him and your brother. All our best wishes. Wonderful idea to have the website. Now you have to take and share your adventure with us, but I guess that was the idea after all. Bon Voyage, a safe and happy trip.
    Best from Betsy and Carl Schreiber

  15. Mustapha says:

    Sasha and Josh;
    I whitch that your Dad will be cured; i propose to spend a long time with him; a long life for him.

    • Sasha says:

      Thank you Mustapha! We hope for the same, enshallah.
      I hope all is well in your world. I think of you and the PC program often and hope to make it back one day soon.

  16. Joshua Peck says:

    Thank you again to everyone for your well wishes.

  17. teresa says:

    i hope grandpa feels better. it was very bitter sweet to spend time with the whole family,before you guys left for youre trip. wel love you and we hope you have a great trip.

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