The Third Dimension

Some people, let’s call them prisoners, spend their time in a 10×10 cell. But recent events force us to ask: 10 by 10 by what?

If that cell had a 20 foot ceiling, a person could easily put in a loft with a mini-bar and a disco ball. With a 30 foot ceiling you could build an apartment and live in it with your mum like this guy, but I digress.

Sasha at StorageWe’ve taken most of our worldly possessions and put them into a 10x10x16 storage locker on the third floor of a storage facility on the outskirts of DC (not the cat though). Three weeks ago we moved the stuff we already had in storage from another storage locker, also on the third floor of the same facility — basically just down the hall. Crazy? Maybe. But 4 hours of work yielded two worthwhile outcomes: 1) a savings of about $1,000 dollars over the course of a year with a new contract and rate and 2) more space because of the third dimension.

Only then did we add everything we actually use, wear, sit-on and cook with from our condo. By investing in Tupperware galore and creating Jenga-like towers of belongings, we created a base height of possessions that was 8 feet tall, with some items climbing as high as 15 feet. By stacking as high as possible, we were able to create enough new space to keep the couch and chair we were planning to get rid of and still have a little room to spare.

I’ll be honest. It was a deeply satisfying process. Josh’s only regret is that we didn’t stack higher, though perhaps we learned enough from Icarus to know this would be folly!

Now, after four days in DC finishing the packing, tying up lose ends and saying a final farewell to Misha the cat, I’m back in California with Josh and his family and all of our trip related baggage and gear. We’ll update you on when the trip resumes with a new departure date. But for now… Happy New Year! May it bring you happiness, health and laughter.

4 Responses to “The Third Dimension”
  1. Russ Coleman says:

    Hi Josh and Sasha,
    Dary (Kim’s Mom) and I are very interested in your upcoming trip and will be looking fwd to your updates.
    We are also thinking of you at this difficult time with you Dad and hoping all goes well.
    Keep us on your list ,, and enjoy the world. It is very small as you may already may know.
    Russ Coleman

  2. Zeb says:

    The problem with heights, is that sometimes, a knock or a bump can send it all tumbling down. So tis a good thing it didn’t go too high!

    Thanks for including me in the email, really looking forward to reading about your trip and enjoying the photos.

    p.s. where did the cat end up then?

    • Sasha says:

      It’s true. I hope nothing happens, because if a tree falls in this forest we definately won’t be around to hear it.

      Thanks for being interested in following our little adventure. I’m sure they’ll be lots of mis-steps along the way to entertain 🙂 and good pictures with Josh’s new fancy camera.

      Misha ended up with my Mum and step-father. They’ve never in their lives had a pet before so it’ll be interesting. But mostly they treat her like a queen. EG: When she meows at 5am they get up to feed her! I’m sure she’s going to be peeved to go back to living with us in a year.

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