Zombie Bite Vaccine

Sasha just received the last vaccination either of us is going to get before we leave (Shot #2 for Japanese Encephalitis). The only vaccine we haven’t received at this point is one that would protect us from a zombie bite. Despite this gaping hole in our vaccination regimen, we’re now protected against most of the not so fun things out there.

The whole vaccination process fills me with respect for the explorers of old. Sure, they traveled really slowly compared to us (go air travel and paved roads), but the mortality rate of the original explorers must have been depressing. I really wonder how many Magellans, Lewises and Clarks didn’t make it back home to tell their story because they died of a common cold or an allergic reaction to the bark they put in their tea.

In addition to vaccinations, we’re bringing a small pharmacy with us. Between the two of us, we have over a dozen prescription medications from antibiotics to altitude sickness. The Boy Scouts would be proud.

If you have advice on where I can get a black market Zombie bite vaccine, please drop me an email.


5 Responses to “Zombie Bite Vaccine”
  1. Zeb says:

    No advice on where to find the zombie vaccs, but remember the rules of Zombie Land and you’ll be sorted.

  2. johan says:

    I think your supposed to get bitten by a baby zombie, and then you’ll develop the anti-bodies yourself. So step one is to find a place where a zombie birth is taking place. Common zombie knowledge claims that they are frequent in the shopping centres in the mid-west area.

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