Konbanwa from Japan

Konbanwa (Good evening)! After three packed days in Kyoto, Japan, Sasha and I thought we should take a moment to send out a proper update to friends and family. The picture is of the Golden Temple we visited Thursday — a temple covered in gold leaf and oh so zen.

For those of you, who are only getting the emails, we rescheduled our departure date about 10 days ago and we added Japan as the first stop on our itinerary — here we are.

Kyoto, the city we’ve been exploring, was unaffected by the massive quake that hit yesterday afternoon (Japan time). But all of Japan is glued to their televisions watching the crisis evolve. It is reminiscent, for me, of the Bay Area quake of ’89 and 9/11.

With over 2,000 temples and shrines to see, cherry blossoms blooming, bamboo forests to walk through, and tea ceremonies to attend, Sasha and I have been keeping busy (we have about 1,982 temples and shrines left).

The original plan was to head to Tokyo yesterday for our flight out, but that’s proved much more challenging because of the earthquake (and nuclear power plant situation). Once we figure it out, we’ll post an update.

15 Responses to “Konbanwa from Japan”
  1. susan peck says:

    Ah, I’m in a meditative state of mindj just looking at this site…..great posts! I’ll be traveling with you…so thanks
    for the invite and ….away we go! xxx

  2. Susan Peck says:

    Thanks for taking me with you….this is wonderful!!

  3. Kim-Son says:

    Kyoto is one of the most charming cities I’ve been to. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Be safe.

  4. Desiree says:

    Glad you both are doing well. It is truly awful to hear about what is happening in Japan and I hope the country get back on path towards recovery.

  5. Fred Bone says:

    Hi Guys. Glad to hear you are enjoying your first stop. Hope by now you only have 1,000 more temples and shrines to see.

  6. Graham says:

    Barbara and I visited the Golden Temple and found it stunning. During cherry blossom time every office sends someone to stake out a space in a local park, and after work all the employees gather, sit on blankets and share food and drink. If you manage to catch a falling petal in your drink, you’ll have good luck for an entire year. Worth trying for! (Although you may have used up your luck by not being on the coast when the tsunami struck.)

  7. Flo & Tom Peck says:

    Be well,enjoy & stay safe.

  8. Susan Bruce says:

    Since the Tokyo airport is a little to close to the whole nuclear reactor/radiation leak thing going on, I was thinking of suggesting that you take a boat. But then again, maybe not. Kayaks and surfboards are out, too. Now what?

  9. Kitty dillon says:

    Sooooo glad you are okay.

  10. Sasha Bruce says:

    Tokyo airport it is. Only way out. We are not leaving a train until we get to the airport and are thinking that might help us!! Tomorrow.

  11. teresa says:

    sounds like you two are having fun! glad you guys are ok.

  12. Toni Ebo says:

    Hey guys – this is so wonderful. I’m so happy to be a part of your world wind voyage. Thanks for including me, be safe and have fun!

  13. Odessa says:

    Ummm, The cherry blossoms are lovely and all but can you just get out of there asap dear cousin?

  14. camille says:

    So happy that your okay , at least there is some beauty with all this tragedy , we miss you 🙂

  15. Nathan Peck says:

    Hey guys I’m glad to hear that you’re both okay I love that picture of the temple is very beautiful. I was taken to the hospital Today… For another round of spinal meningitis. But not to worry I’ll probably be okay just like I always am. I miss you guys I hope your havin fun. love and hugs


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