Bento Box Surprise

Sasha and I experienced Kabuki theater today – the show is quite literally going on despite the quake.

I’ve never watched theater before in a language I didn’t understand. I thought I was following the storyline until one of characters turned into a cat and ate one of the other characters. Still trying to figure that one out.

The seats were designed for people who are about a foot shorter than I am and without enough room for legs, let alone bags. But somehow, during intermission, everyone whipped out huge Bento boxes – we didn’t get that memo (we might have, but it must have been in Japanese).

No pictures were allowed, so I can’t show you the show, but here is a picture of one of the smaller bento boxes.

We’re going to attempt to leave for Singapore tomorrow. That means a bullet train to Tokyo and flying out from Narita airport. It also means traveling to a region that was hit by the quake and is quite a bit closer to the now famous nuclear plant. We can’t complain about our circumstances given everything else that’s going. We’re just hoping that tomorrow is boring ride on mass transit.

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  1. You are in Japan? While everything with the Earthquake is happening! Ahhh! Come home! Be safe!

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