Bullet Train to Tokyo

We just arrived in Tokyo on a bullet train in our attempt to get to the airport. Our connecting train was cancelled, but we were redirected to Tokyo station. While the platforms leaving Tokyo were busy, our platform heading in was empty. When we got to Tokyo Station, the train to the airport was also cancelled. Not good.

After three people told us it wasn’t going to happen. We managed to get ourselves on a bus headed to the airport. I am pretty sure it has wifi — otherwise all of Tokyo is wired.

We buy our bus ticket at the next station and we still have to make it to the airport in time for our flight… So cross your fingers for us.

Update: We made it to the airport and are sitting at our gate. Almost Singapore bound.

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  1. susan peck says:

    Whew! Well done under uncertain conditions….Your adventurous voyage has begun with earthquake
    proportions! Where do you intend to take us all now?? May good luck stay by your side always. xxx

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