Today Didn’t Suck

Today was the last of a pretty intensive four day course to become a certified PADI open water level scuba diver. And I passed. Yippee!

It was the perfect day. It most certainly didn’t suck.

Josh joined me on the last two dives of my course (my deepest depth at 60ft) with Winnie , the kick-ass Dive Master with Planet Scuba who showed me the  ropes and drilled me with skills to make me competent. I would recommend her and the dive shop up and down the aisle.

On the dives we saw sooo much life including, but far from limited to, a turtle eating away at a coral dinner (so lucky to see him), a flatworm swimming with its edges flowing like flamenco skirts, dangerous trigger fish, a teeny piper fish with a curious saucer end to his tail, a blue spotted manta ray, many skunk clown fish (think Nemo’s cousin) living with their family in the anemone, blue lined angel fish and fields of leather coral that was like waves frozen in the air. It was amazing. And now I’m allowed to do it anywhere. Good thing Bali is next on the list.

But the day didn’t end there. We returned from the dives at 3pm and quickly hopped a long-tail boat to Ko Nang Yuan. Three tiny conical islands connected by picture-perfect sand bars. We had seen the islands from the dive boat and wanted to go. And, wow. These pictures are all the description needed…

Josh and the friendly long-boat captain. Koh Tao, Thailand.

Long-tail boat pointing the way to Ko Nang Yuan.

Ko Nang Yuan, Thailand.

We claimed this spot for the afternoon. Ko Nang Yuan, Thailand

Sasha in Ko Nang Yuan.


3 Responses to “Today Didn’t Suck”
  1. Brendan Kelsay says:

    This are great pics. When you all said you were going here I checked out the island (you know I am obsessed with travel and checking out new places) and I saw these islands and used the street view/gps photos by people on Google maps to check out these islands. So bizarre and cool to see both of you in the same places. Clearly you both suck. And clearly I am clearly so envious.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Congratulations Sasha. Happy diving. Make sure to take pictures from under the water. Miss you both. Happy Easter and Passover…..

  3. Susan says:

    CONGRATS! Reminds me of when J and I got certified in Cozumel on our honeymoon. Nothing like studying on the beach and spending said honeymoon underwater. lol Happy diving and Happy Easter!

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