I am XL

We arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia late last night after a few days in Bali filled with $5 one-hour massages, motorbike rides and delicious raw food.

We’re taking a brief pause from our touristing to do a little work with NDI while we are here in Jakarta. In preparation for work, we headed to the mall to find some business appropriate attire.

It didn’t take me long to discover that in Indonesia, I am an XL. In the states, I generally find myself on the small side of medium, so it’s quite the upgrade. More importantly, there is no XXL, so not sure what happens to those poor folks who are actually bigger than I am around here.

My best bargain: three dress shirts for $14.

5 Responses to “I am XL”
  1. The best way to find out how to find things in larger sizes is find the ex-pat community. They always know the tricks for finding things.

    I am really enjoying following your travels.

    (Former International Chair – Democrats Abroad)

  2. Dwi Putra says:

    Nice to meet you at ‘Walk a day in my shoes’ NDI program at Santika Hotel, Jakarta.

  3. Gillie says:

    So no way mum could get anything made..

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