Royal Wedding


Our last day in Jakarta and Indonesia and how are we spending it? Parked in front of the TV watching the Royal wedding of course. With tea and scones to boot (sadly the clotted cream isn’t up to par in Jakarta in case you were wondering!)

Hurrah to Prince William and Princess Katherine!

Update: My sister, brother and new sister-in-law, who just got married last week, were in the front row of the Palace to see the big smooch! While their pictures are likely better than mine, I was that person taking pictures of the TV!






4 Responses to “Royal Wedding”
  1. Susan Bruce says:

    me, too. Only in Andover.

  2. natalie says:

    Ha, hilarious! Reminds me when we watched the Super Bowl at Lake Atitlan, Guatamala. How did your bro have front row seats??

    • Sasha Bruce says:

      They got there at 1am and stakes out their spots. I wouldn’t call them seats though. Felt more like the inauguration I think, but a lot warmer!

  3. Gillie says:

    Can you see me with my union jack flag….It was a great day for us in the UK

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