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2011 May : Bruce Peck Adventures
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Yellow Card Lesson

It was almost a very expensive rookie mistake packing my yellow (immunization) card in my check-in baggage when flying from Rwanda to Thailand today. They wanted proof that I’d been vaccinated for yellow fever before I could go through immigration and into Thailand. Otherwise they’d happily charge me for a new jab. Of course, I had to get through immigration to get to the baggage carrousel. Brilliant packing strategy on my part. Luckily, the health counter was fairly... Read More

Umaganda and Other Thoughts

Rwanda is the “land of a thousand hills”. I think there are actually five thousand, but either way, it’s beautiful. Even the capital city, Kigali, is stunning. It’s the cleanest, greenest and most organized, traffic free capital I’ve been to in a long time. The last Saturday of every month in Rwanda is Umaganda. I’m not sure what the exact translation is but it’s basically a half day of community service from 7am to noon’ish. The... Read More

Agasha: Gorilla Lady Magnet

You have to book ahead to see the gorillas in Rwanda as they only give out 64 permits a day. I choose not to get a permit, mostly for budget reasons, and Josh had seen them on a previous trip so he was out too. A turn of events happened and a friend couldn’t use her permit to see the gorillas and instead of it going to waste, she gave it to me the day before. While I still wish she was there in my place, I am one lucky and thankful girl. I’ve seen Gorillas In The Mist... Read More

Not Your Chevy Impala

We had a day off yesterday and spent it on safari in Akagera National Park in Rwanda with our fellow NDI Trainers. We saw all kinds of animals including: a sounder of warthogs, a harem of zebras, a tower of giraffes, a herd of impala, a troop of vervet monkeys, a congress of baboons, two Belgians without a government, a bloat of hippos, a herd of buffalo, Volkswagen Bug sized termite mounds, and much much more. The highlight for me was watching two impala fight for about 15... Read More

Small World, Rwanda Edition

We haven’t been posting much this last week been because we’ve been working in Kigali, Rwanda. We’re both trainers at a 10 day Young Political Leaders Academy sponsored by the National Democratic Institute Rwanda for aspiring politicos from each of Rwanda’s 10 recognized political parties. The program is being run by our good friend Amy Pritchard who we’ve been able to hang out with while we’re here along with the other trainers. This is my... Read More