Sage Words?

An entertaining and bewildering article from Cebu Pacific’s in-flight magazine that I read on our flight from Manila to Bangkok today.

In it, Tim Tayag, writes about his Mama’s top five sage words of advice on love and marriage that all Pinoy (Filippino) men should follow:

1. “Wait ’til you’re 30 to wed.” Sounds reasonable.

2. “Don’t marry an ugly girl.” Reasoning (paraphrased): when she becomes Wifezilla and you just want to kill her at least you have something pretty to look at.

Bizarre. Though it is the total opposite, It reminds me of the calypso song “if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife…”

3. “White woman will divorce you,” don’t marry one. Reasoning: “I know, I may sound racist but Mom used to say this… I’m not saying you’ll have a better marriage with a Filipina, the truth is she’s more likely to stick it out with you, no matter how horrid you turn out to be, all the way until you are dead.” Um, lovely.

And there I leave you with those sage words from Tim and Cebu Pacific, one of the Philippines premiere airlines.


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