Yellow Card Lesson

It was almost a very expensive rookie mistake packing my yellow (immunization) card in my check-in baggage when flying from Rwanda to Thailand today. They wanted proof that I’d been vaccinated for yellow fever before I could go through immigration and into Thailand. Otherwise they’d happily charge me for a new jab. Of course, I had to get through immigration to get to the baggage carrousel. Brilliant packing strategy on my part.

Luckily, the health counter was fairly empty and I apparently looked trustworthy when I swore up and down that I indeed had documentation of my yellow fever vaccine, so the officer went with me, waiting for me on the other side of the immigration line, watching me dig through my bag frantically and was able to check that my certificate was real and I won’t cause an outbreak in the country. You never can tell with me.

After writing my vaccine serial number on the back of her hand. She let me know that I should carry my yellow book with my passport at all times and next time I wouldn’t be so lucky.

Take heed.


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