MJ and Whiteface Alive in Rwanda

We lived it up on our last night in Rwanda at an outdor restaurant/bar under the stars about 30 minutes outside Kigali. It was a small place where our group of 25 dominated the dance floor at times, we did a double take when performers came out…

There was Kenny Rogers in whiteface. Yes, that’s right, whiteface, not blackface. Everyone new the words and sang along to The Gambler. Classic.

And then there was The King of Pop. I stopped mid-conversation with Inge and stared. He was a-mazing.

Later, I danced with him of course. I finally had the chance to dance with Michael!




2 Responses to “MJ and Whiteface Alive in Rwanda”
  1. Monika says:

    Sasha sounds like you all are having a whale of a time! I have not had time to follow your adventures….life gets in the way of FB sometimes! 🙂

    • Sasha Bruce says:

      Thanks Monika. I know what you mean about FB. Sometime it’s takes up TOO much of my time. 🙂

      If you want, you can sign up to the blog and we email you one adventure about three times a month. Takes FB out of the equation! If that’s helpful, you can enter your email in the box on the right side of the blog.

      Hope all else is well my friend!

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