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2011 June : Bruce Peck Adventures
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Laos-Thailand Border

Sitting on the Laos side of the border as the sun is about to set. Looking at Thailand and the bordering Mekong river enjoying a Beer Lao, which is pretty good. Life is good.  Read More


Some new flavors I haven’t seen before. Mmm?  Read More

Rock Salt

That’s some serious rock salt. I wonder how much Whole Foods would charge for one of those boulders.  Read More

Elephant Eskimo Kisses

Sasha smooched an elephant and didn’t even realize it, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Traveling through Thailand images of elephants bedeck beer bottles, billboards and buildings. They are icons that are almost universally revered throughout the country and literally worshipped by some. However, over the last 100 years wild elephants in Thailand have dropped in numbers from over 100,000 to just 2,500 largely due to deforestation and poaching. The one upside is that... Read More

Welcome to the Club Car

We just took our first sleeper train of the trip and we were pretty happy campers all things considered. We traveled second class air con, which means we shared a berth with two other people — university students from Ireland. Two bunks on each side and Sasha and I had the bottom bunks which is, we’re told, what one wants in these situations. I’ve been under the weather the past few days so it was my goal to take it easy and get a good nights sleep after dinner.... Read More