Mango Trees in Kampot

There’s lots of idyllic places where travelers get waylaid because it’s too perfect to go on. Kampot and Kep were like that for Josh and I and we spent far longer than we planned.

It rained most of the time we were in Kampot so we didn’t explore the way we normally do but that turned out to be just fine with us.

We don’t often do hotel or restaurant reviews on the blog but perhaps that should change…

Our riverside bungalow.

In Kampot we holed up at Les Manguiers (The Mango Trees) which is outside of town, right by the river on a beautiful old plantation with, you guessed it, tons and tons of mango trees. We stayed in one of the riverside wooden bungalows and spent three rainy days jumping in the river, eating and reading at the tables on a platform built over the water. The menu provided only two choices “light meal” or “full meal” and you got what they had. However, it was always exquisite and worthy of writing home about. Freshly caught squid, fish, fresh lettuce salads to die for (a hard to find item on the road that we crave), 6 homemade jams for breakfast, the list could go on.

I can’t tell you much more about Kampot. We only saw Les Manguiers and had a brief visit to a pepper plantation, but loved every minute.

Our perch over the river during a break in the rain.


Breakfast of fruit and homemade jams: mango, passion fruit and guava galore.

Our jumping off platform.

Josh and the pepper tree. Or is it a bush? Or a vine?


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