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2011 July : Bruce Peck Adventures
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No Dogs, No Smoking, No Grenades

There are a lot of “don’ts” in this world. The American equivalent of “No shirts, no shoes, no service” seems to vary from country to country. In Southeast Asia, the regulation of durian, a very smelly but popular fruit to locals, is about on par with smoking in the states. Instead, of the ubiquitous “no smoking” signs, we see “no durian” signs with the fruit crossed out the same way. But today we saw our first “No grenades”... Read More

Cooking Khmer in Cambodia

In Battambang Josh and I thought we’d take a cooking class. Battambang, a sleepy but quaint town a few hours west of Siem Reap, had some of the cheapest cooking courses in the country ($8) that were still highly recommended (thank you TripAdvisor). We ate dinner at a couple contenders before we decided on Nary’s Cooking School; a little restaurant cum cooking school run by a couple where the husband also moonlights as a guide. He spoke much better English, but she... Read More

Whoa, Circular Rainbow

I had no idea circular rainbows existed when we arrived at the monastery and I certainly hadn’t seen one. But Sasha pointed up at the sky and there it was. Before we had an opportunity to Google it, we called it a circular rainbow because that’s what it looked like, but technically what we saw is called a sun halo. I can’t imagine what would have happened to the double rainbow guy if he’d seen this. Directly above our heads in the middle of an almost clear... Read More

Bamboo Ride in Battambang

In Battambang, Cambodia, a small town that most tourists don’t go to, the bamboo train is a the top of the must-do list. Excited at first, I realized what I thought was going to be a bamboo train car was actually going to be a bamboo raft on the rails. Hmmm. I was less enthused about the hype. But on we went. And a bamboo raft it was with an engine from a cheap motorcycle to power it down the tracks. But my skepticism was totally misplaced. It was amazing. Mostly because it... Read More