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2011 August : Bruce Peck Adventures
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Dear Lua: Please Explain Plastic Gloves in China

While we have a ton in common, there are many things about China that are so different from our life at home and sometimes it’s just plain perplexing to us. Without anyone to explain, Josh and I observe, take pictures to try and figure it out later or just to remember. If no explanation is available, it goes on the unexplained list. But that list is getting smaller as we’ve enlisted Lua, our friend who we stayed with in Manila, Philippines, to help explain the unexplained.... Read More

Feng Huang Restaurant. Fresh maggots!

We’re pretty daring eaters but there were more than a few things we didn’t venture to try in China and Vietnam. Like dogs, scorpions on a stick and maggots, even if they were fresh. Check out this restaurant from Feng Huang in southern China that shows you all of your menu options before you sit down to order. Mmm.      Read More

Clueless in China: Not Face Cream

I’m on a long train ride in China from Guilin to Jishou (valuable time to write) and there are officials coming through the train car selling different things with an elaborate pitch that keeps the passengers captivated for 5-10 minutes. First came the portable eating utensils kit (mini-fork, ity-bity spoon and collapsable chop-sticks), then the portable unbreakable make-up mirror, which was slammed on the ground a few times to prove its effectiveness (shockingly it didn’t... Read More

Electric Motorbikes in China

Three out out four motorbikes in this photo run on electricity. It’s motorbike madness in Vietnam. That’s why we were unprepared for what we found in Guilin, China. Electric motorbikes. We didn’t figure it out right-away. We just knew the streets were quieter, a little less polluted and the motorbikes could really sneak up on you. Finally, we realized that most of the bikes didn’t have exhaust pipes. I think I read about an electric motorcycle being built... Read More

Our Visit to a Chinese Hospital

Our bicycle built for two. We were on the fourth hour of our five hour ride through the postcard-perfect karst-filled countryside of Yangshuo when we lost control of our bicycle built for two and skidded down a gravel road. We’d been wanting to visit a hospital in China and the skin hanging from Sasha’s knee gave us just the excuse we needed. The damage. My mother and father had visited hospitals in China almost 25 years ago on some kind of medical exchange. Their... Read More