Hoi An’s Nana

Sasha with Nana.

We got sucked into the tailoring scene in Hoi An big time. Okay, okay, maybe I expected to and even planned to since I did come prepared with recommendations that previous travelers to Hoi An posted on the internets…

I narrowed it down to five places. We made something at each of them. Josh wrote a post with our experiences at the five shops that you can read here. But we liked two tailors in particular and doubled down with them. We thought they each deserved their own post.

First, there was Mr. Xe (amazing) which Josh wrote up here.

Second, there was Nana’s. Josh made a shirt with her, which we really liked and turned it into 6 mens shirts, 4 womens shirts and a strapless dress. They all needed a few fixes here and there which is to be expected and desired if you want a good fit. We went back for a few fittings, fine-tuning preferences (want your collar stiffer?) and body shape to get that perfect tailored look. Some of it was my own fickleness too. I kept changing a hem for example and Nana never bat an eyelash. She was happy to make the changes so we left pleased with our purchases.

But in addition, Nana was really nice to hang out with. We had a great time gossiping about the tailoring families in Hoi An, her children, divorce, how people treat gay people in Hoi An, taxes, marriage and more. Josh and her daughter had fun playing fruit ninja on the iPhone together. And sometimes we stayed in her shop longer than needed, waiting for alternations instead of leaving and coming back, to continue our chats over an iced coffee.

If we come back to Vietnam we would definitely make visiting Nana and Mr. Xe stops on the itinerary.

Me in my new dress with Nana and staff.


Our shirts; sealed up and ready to ship.

Josh and Nana's daughter playing Fruit Ninja on the iPhone. There was no learning curve. She was a pro.


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