The People’s Park

Visiting the local park in China on a Saturday is a must for any visitor. But the People’s Park in Chengdu may be the “best” of all.

Parks in Chinese cities, a country where space is at a premium, are used as practice space for everything. From singing and musical instrument playing, to calligraphy, to break-dancing, tai-chi, and ballroom dancing just to name a few.

But what’s crazy is their proximity to one another and how terrible most of the performers are — in fairness they are practicing.

To give you and idea, we saw four singers, each with a huge speaker, stand next to each other and belt out off-key renditions of completely different songs as if they were the only one singing. We saw break dancers that lacked the muscle power to get even the most basic moves in motion. And the tai chi group nearly got into a fight with ballroom dance class when they overlapped space.

I leave you with a video of our favorite performer who was doing his thing in the middle of the park with no audience save us, a mom, and her little boy.

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