Off To The Races @ Happy Valley

A Wednesday night in Hong Kong saw us at Happy Valley racetrack. The track is lit by floodlights and is smack-dab in the middle of the city, on an island where space is at a premium. The setting is incredible and makes for an amazing backdrop to an evening. On one side of the track sits a massive four-story grandstand that holds 80,000 people and on the other side are tons of sky-scrapers silently watching.

The backdrop.

It was built in 1845 by the British, of course, as a place for expats to go and entertain themselves. Pimms cup anyone? There are definitely still a ton of expats there but it was packed with Cantonese and Chinese (men mostly) making bets and watching the show. It had better appeal to the masses given how many seats it has to fill!

And they're off...

Josh and I aren’t the gambling types but we placed a $20 HKD ($2.86 US) bet and won big. Turning our measly $20 bet into $72 HKD ($10.29 US). Woo hoo!

Against Josh’s instincts, I insisted on taking $20 of our winnings and betting again. We Lost. Of course. We should have quit while we were ahead. But even though we didn’t win enough to live the high life, at least we came out having paid for our entry tickets ($10 HKD each) and most of dinner. Score! And great fun too.

Initial bet...

The winnings! The sign says "Don't Gamble to Excess"

Note: If you want to visit Happy Valley race tracks check out the Hong Kong Jockey Club for the schedule.

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