Reunion In Hong Kong

One of the best parts about this year on the road has been meeting new people and seeing old friends. Including friends from the Ursuline Convent boarding school I attended in England before migrating to the U.S. I saw Amz in the Philippines and in Hong Kong and Macau I was able to catch up with eight familiar faces from school days.

The Ursuline, what we called it, had girls from all over the world, including a large contingent from Hong Kong, still a British protectorate then, and Macau. I contacted a few of the girls over Facebook letting them know I was coming to town and to see if they had time to meet up. Cecilia was gracious enough to organize a dinner with seven girlfriends from school.

I was a little nervous about meeting them all after 17 years. But I shouldn’t have worried at all. It never ceases to surprise me when conversation and mannerisms fall into such familiar friendliness so quickly — no matter how long it’s been. It must be the bond of being trapped together by the nuns for so many years!

At dinner, I got to show off Josh, catch up on their lives and relive some school stories like getting caught smoking (I got in big trouble for that one!), having after-hours “parties” and almost getting caught (note that “parties” in boarding school meant gathering after bedtime and eating a snack with friends. We thought we were rebels!), or me being rude and telling Rita that her noodles she brought from home smelled like rotten fish. Apparently, I always had a mouth that spilled whatever thoughts popped into my head!

We talked about the trip Josh and I are on and shared that we yearning to go to the dentist. Come to find out that my friend Letty is a dentist in Hong Kong and offered to clean our teeth on her Saturday off. Although hesitant to accept stealing a weekend day away from her, accept we did! We’re shameless. But it was a lovely day. After we got our sparkly whites back, with ultrasonic technology no less (no icky scraping), we grabbed some Dim Sum, met Letty’s adorable children and shopped to supplement my tiny backpack wardrobe.

After Hong Kong we hopped over to Macau where caught up with Rowena who showed us around the “countryside” and gambling mecca that is Macau.

It was an amazing week in these two tiny island nations made even better by catching up with old friends. Thank you Facebook for putting us back in touch!

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