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2011 September : Bruce Peck Adventures
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Man Purse Redefined

  All over China we have seen men carrying their girlfriends handbags. More in the urban areas, but it’s pretty much been a constant sight. And it’s baffling to me. Baffling because we see it most in one of two situations: The girlfriend is carrying nothing. Nothing at all. But the boyfriend is carrying her petite super-feminine handbag. The girlfriend is carrying shopping bags of recent purchases made that day. Instead of carrying the shopping bag to be lovely... Read More

Scorpion on a Stick?

Wangfujing Street. After exploring the Silk Market and dinner with new friends, we headed to Wangfujing on our first night in Beijing. Wangfujing is a huge bustling market with all the latest brands and big retail stores. The street dates back to the Ming Dynasty when a nearby well made it a desirable residence for Princes because of its sweet water. We passed on the sweet water and headed straight for the Wangfujing Snack Street an older, more crowded, side-street just off the... Read More

I Heart BJ

We thought it was a naughty and entertaining play on the “I heart NY” t-shirts when we saw the “I heart BJ” chotchkes being hawked to tourists. But I was more curious when I saw some locals wearing it. I wonder if they know what the acronym means in English. I didn’t take it upon myself to explain it to this lady. The pantomime, necessary because of my lacking language skills, would have been too humiliating for all.    Read More

Kaiping Watchtowers: The Remnants of Immigrant Fortunes

The push to go west in the U.S. depended on lots of cheap labor and many Chinese, particularly from Taishan province, near Hong Kong, packed up and moved not only to North America but to South America and the Caribbean. Those who survived the journey sent back, or made it back, with some cash in their pockets. The ancestors who traveled east. When they returned, China was at war and in political turmoil and banditry was rampant, particularly in rural areas like Kaiping. So, those... Read More

Even Millionaires Wait In Line

Not that I’m an expert, but I’ve never seen a Gucci store so crowded that a line formed out the door. It wasn’t a shock to find something like that in Hong Kong. The real shock came later. We were too shocked to take a picture, so we borrowed this one from worknplay.co.kr Hong Kong reminded me of Manhattan. Apartment prices are as high as the skyscrapers which blanket the landscape. Banks seem to dominate the city and we saw western brands and stores like Patagonia... Read More