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2011 : Bruce Peck Adventures
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The Cost of Admission Used to be Death

The Forbidden City is a place I’ve wanted to go ever since I was a kid.  The day finally arrived and it did not disappoint. We were blessed with good weather. In Beijing that means all the pollution is blown somewhere else (like California). It also means the sky was blue. Go figure. We woke up at 4:30 am to make our way to see the 6:00 am flag raising ceremony. There was goose-stepping under the huge portrait of Mao. Satisfied, we sought out a Starbucks, naturally, waiting... Read More

The Temple of Heaven

In a city of 22 million people a site of interest that promises even a little tranquility rises even higher on the “must do” list. And that’s where the Temple of Heaven comes in. This is what "not crowded" looks like in China! Upon entering the temple complex, which is said to be the biggest on China, it’s easy to feel like you’ve gotten away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But I don’t mean it was empty by any means, it’s... Read More

Fuzzy Bears and Evening Wear in Beijing

We’ve seen pajamas worn publicly all over China by the young and old in both rural and urban areas. Apparently it became hip in the 1930’s when it was a sign of being wealthy. It was, um, fashion from the West after all! The trend caught on and is still around to this day. Afraid of what foreigners would think of pajama-clad locals, the Shanghai government launched an anti-pajama campaign in advance of the 2010 World Expo. We did see less PJs there but it’s hardly... Read More

The Great Wall

A lot on this trip has been planned as we go along, depending on the weather, our mood, our budget, etc… but not The Great Wall. Hiking it was a must from the early stages of our trip planning and has been something that Josh has wanted to do since he was little. Bucket list: check! Most tourists to Beijing visit the Mutanyu or Bandaling sections of The Great Wall that are completely revamped in Chinese newness. There you can get a cable car to the top, stay inside a glass... Read More

Man Purse Redefined

  All over China we have seen men carrying their girlfriends handbags. More in the urban areas, but it’s pretty much been a constant sight. And it’s baffling to me. Baffling because we see it most in one of two situations: The girlfriend is carrying nothing. Nothing at all. But the boyfriend is carrying her petite super-feminine handbag. The girlfriend is carrying shopping bags of recent purchases made that day. Instead of carrying the shopping bag to be lovely... Read More