Oranges and Sunflower Seeds

Heading to Petra, waiting at the crazy port in Sinai with Egyptians, Jordanians and Palestinians for the slow ferry to Jordan. Without a word, men gave us oranges and sunflowers seeds. Women shepherded me in the right line for the ladies. Just another of the daily indicators about how wonderful people here are.


3 Responses to “Oranges and Sunflower Seeds”
  1. nick says:

    Good to hear from you again. work over for now?

  2. Bama says:

    Finally, a new post. I guess you have been so busy the past few weeks, haven’t you?

    • Sasha Bruce says:

      Hey Bama! We just put up 11 more on China. The rest will come in similar waves and soon hopefully. Hope you’re well my friend…

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