Just because we’re 10,000 miles away and on the move, doesn’t mean we aren’t easy to reach.


The best way to reach us:

Sasha Bruce
SashaLBruce at gmail dot com
Joshua Peck
JoshuaFAPeck at gmail dot com


When we’re within range of wifi, we’ll be available via Skype.

Sasha Bruce
Call me! - Sasha Bruce
Joshua Peck
Call me! - Joshua Peck


Our US phone numbers will continue to work while we’re away. If you get voicemail, please leave a message since we’ll have our phones off much of the time but will be checking them as frequently as possible.


SMS is the fastest way to reach us. Text messages to our current numbers should work, but you can send them via email (and they don’t cost us anything to receive, just to respond):

37257317966 at sms.onesimcard dot com

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