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Hong Kong : Bruce Peck Adventures

Even Millionaires Wait In Line

Not that I’m an expert, but I’ve never seen a Gucci store so crowded that a line formed out the door. It wasn’t a shock to find something like that in Hong Kong. The real shock came later. We were too shocked to take a picture, so we borrowed this one from worknplay.co.kr Hong Kong reminded me of Manhattan. Apartment prices are as high as the skyscrapers which... Read More

Reunion In Hong Kong

One of the best parts about this year on the road has been meeting new people and seeing old friends. Including friends from the Ursuline Convent boarding school I attended in England before migrating to the U.S. I saw Amz in the Philippines and in Hong Kong and Macau I was able to catch up with eight familiar faces from school days. The Ursuline, what we called it, had girls from... Read More

Yum! Dim Sum

Sure, we experienced Hong Kong, but it was our stomachs that led the way. The city is delicious. And though hotels and housing are expensive, pretty much everything else is super affordable. The food in China has been good, but between a combination of language and not knowing what to order to finding most things coated in a thick sea of oil, we were over the moon for both the culinary... Read More

Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

  Taken at Hong Kong airport immigration, the sign identifies a lane only for "domestic helpers." In Hong Kong “domestic helpers”, as they’re called, make up 3% of the population. Over 90% are from Indonesia or The Philippines.  As I understand it from friends who live in Hong Kong, these workers live with their employers and perform jobs like child-minding,... Read More

Off To The Races @ Happy Valley

A Wednesday night in Hong Kong saw us at Happy Valley racetrack. The track is lit by floodlights and is smack-dab in the middle of the city, on an island where space is at a premium. The setting is incredible and makes for an amazing backdrop to an evening. On one side of the track sits a massive four-story grandstand that holds 80,000 people and on the other side are tons of sky-scrapers... Read More