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Feature : Bruce Peck Adventures
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The Monte Carlo of the Orient

The Venetian Macau. Ten years ago, with the exception of a riverboat and one run-down casino, gambling essentially didn’t exist in Macau. But following Portugal’s return of Macau to China in 1999 the law granting gambling rights to only one family was repealed allowing competition. That caused a gambling explosion and in 2007 Macau surpassed Las Vegas in gaming revenue.... Read More

Yum! Dim Sum

Sure, we experienced Hong Kong, but it was our stomachs that led the way. The city is delicious. And though hotels and housing are expensive, pretty much everything else is super affordable. The food in China has been good, but between a combination of language and not knowing what to order to finding most things coated in a thick sea of oil, we were over the moon for both the culinary... Read More

Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

  Taken at Hong Kong airport immigration, the sign identifies a lane only for "domestic helpers." In Hong Kong “domestic helpers”, as they’re called, make up 3% of the population. Over 90% are from Indonesia or The Philippines.  As I understand it from friends who live in Hong Kong, these workers live with their employers and perform jobs like child-minding,... Read More

Off To The Races @ Happy Valley

A Wednesday night in Hong Kong saw us at Happy Valley racetrack. The track is lit by floodlights and is smack-dab in the middle of the city, on an island where space is at a premium. The setting is incredible and makes for an amazing backdrop to an evening. On one side of the track sits a massive four-story grandstand that holds 80,000 people and on the other side are tons of sky-scrapers... Read More

Mooncakes, Mooncakes Everywhere

The mid-autumn festival is one of the most important annual Chinese festivals and we were in Shanghai for the event. Our guidebook told us that it was an ancient festival to celebrate, worship and watch the moon. A romantic night too, we were told, for couples. And mooncakes are an integral part of the day. Kind of like mince pies for Christmas in the U.K. or turkey on Thanksgiving... Read More