Meridian Hill takes its name from Thomas Jefferson’s plan to re-mark the Prime Meridian. Changing it from Greenwich, England to the road running parallel to Meridian Hill, 16th street, which intersects with the White House. Had Jefferson succeeded, we would have crossed time zones when we went across town for dinner.

We got married in Meridian Hill Park, our favorite park in DC and just a few blocks from where we live together.  It’s got everything we could ask for — terraces, statues and cascading fountains. If you ask us, it’s one of D.C.’s best kept secrets.

Fun Fact About Meridian Hill Park: What a Power Couple!

Mary Foote Henderson is responsible for lobbying Congress to construct and dedicate the land for Meridian Hill Park in 1888 and turning it into America’s First National Park dedicated to the Performing Arts. And her husband, a Missouri Senator, introduced the 13th Amendment giving African-Americans the right to vote.

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  1. Juanita says:

    Wow! It all sounds perfect plus I love the blog…great idea. Looking forward to being part of your special day! Huge hugs Juanita and Rod x

  2. Nesta George says:

    I think you and Josh will go down in History as it could be be the future venue for your children and children’ children and thereafter – what a beautiful place – you are blessed. I love Historic buildings. Love A. Nesta

  3. Katie Vass says:

    Who made this website? It is really nice!

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