Cairo Billboard Greeting

This advertisement was the first thing to greet us in Cairo as we disembarked from the plane. It’s a billboard for Mobilini, a cell phone company here that quotes Obama speaking about Egyptian revolutionaries. The only problem is that, while the sentiment is positive, the quote doesn’t seem to be real. It seemed odd to us that any American President would explicitly say that American children should be like people from any other country.... Read More

Outside and Starkers for the First Time

We missed our Bangkok connection in Tokyo because of a 7 hour delay in San Francisco, which left us with a 18 hour layover to find some trouble to get into. We found a little Ryokan to stay for the night, experienced the earth shake for a minute with a 7.4 quake and went to sleep. The next day we ate a delicious meal at a bakery (I think all food in Japan is amazing) and visited an onsen, a public bath that includes a natural hot spring. I wasn’t... Read More

18 Hour Layover

Due to a mechanical problem, our 10 hour plane-ride from San Francisco to Tokyo left 7 hours later than scheduled. We were supposed to catch a plane to Bangkok this evening, but missed it by that much. So facing what will be an 18 hour layover, we left the airport to avoid that living-in-an-airport feeling. We plan to see just a little bit more of Japan tomorrow. Update: We just felt the 7.4 quake. It lasted about a minute.  Read More

Bullet Train to Tokyo

We just arrived in Tokyo on a bullet train in our attempt to get to the airport. Our connecting train was cancelled, but we were redirected to Tokyo station. While the platforms leaving Tokyo were busy, our platform heading in was empty. When we got to Tokyo Station, the train to the airport was also cancelled. Not good. After three people told us it wasn’t going to happen. We managed to get ourselves on a bus headed to the airport. I am pretty... Read More