Cambodia in Pictures

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Cooking Khmer in Cambodia

In Battambang Josh and I thought we’d take a cooking class. Battambang, a sleepy but quaint town a few hours west of Siem Reap, had some of the cheapest cooking courses in the country ($8) that were still highly recommended (thank you TripAdvisor). We ate dinner at a couple contenders before we decided on Nary’s Cooking School; a little restaurant cum cooking school run by a couple where the husband also moonlights as a guide. He spoke... Read More

Whoa, Circular Rainbow

I had no idea circular rainbows existed when we arrived at the monastery and I certainly hadn’t seen one. But Sasha pointed up at the sky and there it was. Before we had an opportunity to Google it, we called it a circular rainbow because that’s what it looked like, but technically what we saw is called a sun halo. I can’t imagine what would have happened to the double rainbow guy if he’d seen this. Directly above our heads... Read More

Bamboo Ride in Battambang

In Battambang, Cambodia, a small town that most tourists don’t go to, the bamboo train is a the top of the must-do list. Excited at first, I realized what I thought was going to be a bamboo train car was actually going to be a bamboo raft on the rails. Hmmm. I was less enthused about the hype. But on we went. And a bamboo raft it was with an engine from a cheap motorcycle to power it down the tracks. But my skepticism was totally misplaced. It was... Read More