Yangzi “Cruise”

We usually share just the highlights of our trip with you, we try to spare you the bad, the boring and the mundane. But occasionally, an experience comes along that’s bad enough that it’s worth writing home about. The guide book says one of the top things to do China is to cruise down the Yangzi river on a boat. It said something similar about Ha Long Bay, so we didn’t want to miss out. Let’s just say rose petals weren’t... Read More

Ha Long Bay in Pictures

My expectations for Ha Long Bay had been growing for weeks after hearing the impressions of other travelers and reading online. If anything, Ha Long Bay exceeded those expectations. It’s as if the floating Hallelujah mountains from Avatar fell from the sky into a green ocean. Karsts, limestone protrusions that tower thousands of feet in the air, dot the near and distant horizon in just about every shape physics will tolerate. There are over... Read More

Like The Depths of Moria

We traveled through southern Laos faster than we’d planned so we could meet up with our friend Brendan, whose visiting from D.C. for a few days. But on our way to Siem Reap, Cambodia we did break up the trip a couple of times. One overnight stop was in the village of Kung Lo to see their cave. Yes, that’s right, their cave. A small river cut the cave that’s about 4 miles (7km) long under mountains of solid slate. We took a... Read More

Disappointed in Donsol

Perched up high, the boat spotters look for the whale sharks. Yesterday we ventured on a plane, van, canoe, truck and tryke through typhoon-like conditions to get to Donsol. It’s whale shark season you see. And the short three month season when they come to this bay en masse to feed on plankton overlapped with our time here; we just couldn’t pass up swimming with the largest fish in the sea. But they may just pass up the opportunity to... Read More

Tropical Storm, Shmopical Storm

Today, we made our way to Donsol, The Philippines. It’s well-known for the unique opportunity it affords travelers – to swim with 35 foot long wild whale sharks that are luckily more whale than shark. After arriving by plane in nearby Legazpi, we paid $2 each for our 1 hour ride in an “AC mini-van.” We were a little crammed, both of us in the back row battling for seat-territory with the four bags sitting next to us that continually encroached... Read More