Ha Long Bay in Pictures

My expectations for Ha Long Bay had been growing for weeks after hearing the impressions of other travelers and reading online. If anything, Ha Long Bay exceeded those expectations. It’s as if the floating Hallelujah mountains from Avatar fell from the sky into a green ocean. Karsts, limestone protrusions that tower thousands of feet in the air, dot the near and distant horizon in just about every shape physics will tolerate. There are over... Read More

Morning Glory

You’ll either think we’re crazy or that we were taking advantage of a good thing while we could. We definitely thought it was the latter when we decided to eat at Morning Glory restaurant four out of our five days in Hoi An, Vietnam. And on one of those days you could say we ate there twice: we ate our products at the Morning Glory cooking school (thank you Lisa!) as well as going back for dinner. It. Was. That. Good. We eat pretty well... Read More

Cooking Khmer in Cambodia

In Battambang Josh and I thought we’d take a cooking class. Battambang, a sleepy but quaint town a few hours west of Siem Reap, had some of the cheapest cooking courses in the country ($8) that were still highly recommended (thank you TripAdvisor). We ate dinner at a couple contenders before we decided on Nary’s Cooking School; a little restaurant cum cooking school run by a couple where the husband also moonlights as a guide. He spoke... Read More