Today Didn’t Suck

Today was the last of a pretty intensive four day course to become a certified PADI open water level scuba diver. And I passed. Yippee! It was the perfect day. It most certainly didn’t suck. Josh joined me on the last two dives of my course (my deepest depth at 60ft) with Winnie , the kick-ass Dive Master with Planet Scuba who showed me the  ropes and drilled me with skills to make me competent. I would recommend her and the dive shop up and... Read More

Kicking it on Koh Tao

We’ve spent the last few days off the coast of Thailand on the island of Koh Tao . When you look at pictures of paradise, they’re of this place. One thing pictures don’t convey is just how bloody hot paradise is — it’s really hot, as demonstrated by all the lobster-red tourists. Sasha has spent most of her time here in class. Koh Tao is the number one trainer of scuba divers in the world. Luckily a good chunk of her... Read More