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dance : Bruce Peck Adventures

The People’s Park

Visiting the local park in China on a Saturday is a must for any visitor. But the People’s Park in Chengdu may be the “best” of all. Parks in Chinese cities, a country where space is at a premium, are used as practice space for everything. From singing and musical instrument playing, to calligraphy, to break-dancing, tai-chi, and ballroom dancing just to name a few. But what’s crazy is their proximity to one another and how... Read More

Bali Painting

Last night we went to a traditional kachuck performance in Ubud, Bali. It was almost hypnotic with the hundred-odd men performing in unison with the errie but beautiful backdrop of Hindu temples behind them. Sadly, it was also horrible conditions for pictures, so no gems to share. The next day, our last in Bali before heading to Jakarta, we were zipping around town on the moped that Josh is now a pro at driving. We stopped short when we saw a painting... Read More