Yea! We’re hitched; now I’m a wife and Josh is a husband. What a whirlwind! The day was fabulous. The sun shone on us and we were surrounded by our friends and family; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had a ball and felt truly loved and blessed to have so many travel from near and far to be there. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the celebration as much as we did. We’re off for a few days getaway and will... Read More

White Wedding?

Today, Sasha and I were holed up in our apartment watching snow fall sideways (and sometimes up). There were periods of time where we couldn’t see across 14th street, which makes this our first real whiteout. Check out the car to the left. The city warned of gusts up to 50 mph and the added snowfall may put Washington, DC in the number one slot across the country for total snowfall received this year. Go DC! So we thought, what better day to... Read More

Save the Date – May 8, 2010

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Josh proposed to me on November 19th. He put A LOT of planning into his very sweet and thoughtful proposal, and I was 100% unsuspecting! He’s amazing. Here’s the story in the shortest nutshell I could manage… He lured me to a fake work meeting one block from the White House and across the street from where we first met. He completely caught me off guard. What a wonderful surprise… But it didn’t stop there. After having... Read More