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kabuki : Bruce Peck Adventures

Kyoto in Photos

While Josh and I are exploring Singapore we also caught up on pictures of Japan to share. Though we were there at a time of turmoil during the earthquake, city life was relatively unaffected in the corner of Japan that we were in: Kyoto. We had planned to see more of the country but after the quake, stayed put. It was far from a hardship post. Kyoto is considered the cultural and historical capital of Japan (and was once the actual capital). We heard... Read More

Bento Box Surprise

Sasha and I experienced Kabuki theater today – the show is quite literally going on despite the quake. I’ve never watched theater before in a language I didn’t understand. I thought I was following the storyline until one of characters turned into a cat and ate one of the other characters. Still trying to figure that one out. The seats were designed for people who are about a foot shorter than I am and without enough room for legs,... Read More