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kyoto : Bruce Peck Adventures

Kyoto in Photos

While Josh and I are exploring Singapore we also caught up on pictures of Japan to share. Though we were there at a time of turmoil during the earthquake, city life was relatively unaffected in the corner of Japan that we were in: Kyoto. We had planned to see more of the country but after the quake, stayed put. It was far from a hardship post. Kyoto is considered the cultural and historical capital of Japan (and was once the actual capital). We heard... Read More

Edible Art

On our second day in Kyoto, Japan we splurged on a traditional meal in Gion, which is the Geisha district (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve read Memoirs of a Geisha). First off, there are Japanese tourists everywhere. We are certainly in the minority as foreign tourists. We found Tsudaro. A tiny little place that has one set meal only for 3,200 yen (40 usd). We must have been looking a little scruffy because they confirmed... Read More

Bento Box Surprise

Sasha and I experienced Kabuki theater today – the show is quite literally going on despite the quake. I’ve never watched theater before in a language I didn’t understand. I thought I was following the storyline until one of characters turned into a cat and ate one of the other characters. Still trying to figure that one out. The seats were designed for people who are about a foot shorter than I am and without enough room for legs,... Read More

Konbanwa from Japan

Konbanwa (Good evening)! After three packed days in Kyoto, Japan, Sasha and I thought we should take a moment to send out a proper update to friends and family. The picture is of the Golden Temple we visited Thursday — a temple covered in gold leaf and oh so zen. For those of you, who are only getting the emails, we rescheduled our departure date about 10 days ago and we added Japan as the first stop on our itinerary — here we are. Kyoto,... Read More