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motorbike : Bruce Peck Adventures

Electric Motorbikes in China

Three out out four motorbikes in this photo run on electricity. It’s motorbike madness in Vietnam. That’s why we were unprepared for what we found in Guilin, China. Electric motorbikes. We didn’t figure it out right-away. We just knew the streets were quieter, a little less polluted and the motorbikes could really sneak up on you. Finally, we realized that most of the bikes didn’t have exhaust pipes. I think I read about an... Read More

Motorbike Madness

According to our guide, Saigon is home to 5.6 million motorbikes and 7 million people. Even if that number is exaggerated, motorbikes are clearly the primary form of transportation in Vietnam. The country is supposed to have as many as 20 million motorbikes total. By comparison, America had 6.6 million registered motorcycles in 2006 .  Keep in mind, America has 4 times the population and most motorcycles are used for leisure. That many motorbikes... Read More