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rtw trip : Bruce Peck Adventures

Now Boarding

Trying out our first iPhone post, Sasha and I are sitting at Gate 100 at San Francisco International Airport waiting for our flight to Osaka, Japan. A big shout out to Sasha’s sister Gillie and United for providing companion tickets that make business class to Japan a reality. Saying goodbye to my dad this morning was one of the harder things I’ve had to do. His parting gift to us was rallying health which included having a cup of coffee... Read More

Zombie Bite Vaccine

Sasha just received the last vaccination either of us is going to get before we leave (Shot #2 for Japanese Encephalitis). The only vaccine we haven’t received at this point is one that would protect us from a zombie bite. Despite this gaping hole in our vaccination regimen, we’re now protected against most of the not so fun things out there. The whole vaccination process fills me with respect for the explorers of old. Sure, they traveled... Read More