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southeast Asia : Bruce Peck Adventures

Farmer’s Tan

Women go to great lengths to cover up from the sun in Southeast Asia. It’s not unusual to see someone wearing a mask, hat, long sleeve shirt, gloves and long pants while picking rice in sun so brutal that in shorts and a t-shirt I’m sure I can feel the sun’s rays literally burning my skin. From what I understand, the sun isn’t reserved for the summer either. They live with it’s scorching power year-round. Covering up... Read More

No Dogs, No Smoking, No Grenades

There are a lot of “don’ts” in this world. The American equivalent of “No shirts, no shoes, no service” seems to vary from country to country. In Southeast Asia, the regulation of durian, a very smelly but popular fruit to locals, is about on par with smoking in the states. Instead, of the ubiquitous “no smoking” signs, we see “no durian” signs with the fruit crossed out the same way. But today... Read More

Can I Please Have a Napkin?

Sometime it’s the little things that get to you. On our travels, we’ve discovered that napkin availability seems to be very different from back home. This week I’ve had a runny nose and the differences have made me long for the American napkin experience. It began in Japan where they have a different approach to napkin availability. They don’t have them. Obviously, we’re extrapolating from a very limited experience,... Read More