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the philippines : Bruce Peck Adventures
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Lady Luck and the Whale Shark

Our last stop in The Philippines was Panglao, an island off the coast of the island of Bohol. We stayed at the famed Alona Beach, which is small so-so beach near some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world. Everyone comes for the diving and we were no different. This was the first time I dove since getting my PADI certification in Thailand last month. Going down to start the dive, doing weightless somersaults, watching fish upside-down, listening... Read More

Our First Motorcycle Crash

Our 120 kilometer motorcycle ride through Bohol, The Philippines to see the Chocolate Hills didn’t go exactly as planned. Mostly we hadn’t discussed that morning any intention to crash into a ditch. The story itself isn’t that exciting. At about kilometer 70 there was a switchback in the road, it was slippery and next thing we knew, we were doing a close inspection of the soil composition of the neighboring ditch. We were incredibly... Read More

Sage Words?

An entertaining and bewildering article from Cebu Pacific’s in-flight magazine that I read on our flight from Manila to Bangkok today. In it, Tim Tayag, writes about his Mama’s top five sage words of advice on love and marriage that all Pinoy (Filippino) men should follow: 1. “Wait ’til you’re 30 to wed.” Sounds reasonable. 2. “Don’t marry an ugly girl.” Reasoning (paraphrased): when she becomes... Read More

Reunion After 17 Years

Amz and I. One of my best friends from boarding school in England is from The Philippines and lives in Baguio City. Amy-Gay, or Amz for short, moved back here to go to school soon after leaving the Ursuline Convent, where we went to school. She left Ursuline in 1993 and I haven’t seen her since then. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d come to the Philippines to pop in on her but here we are! Amz and I kept in regular contact for a few... Read More

Can I Please Have a Napkin?

Sometime it’s the little things that get to you. On our travels, we’ve discovered that napkin availability seems to be very different from back home. This week I’ve had a runny nose and the differences have made me long for the American napkin experience. It began in Japan where they have a different approach to napkin availability. They don’t have them. Obviously, we’re extrapolating from a very limited experience,... Read More

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