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whitening : Bruce Peck Adventures

Farmer’s Tan

Women go to great lengths to cover up from the sun in Southeast Asia. It’s not unusual to see someone wearing a mask, hat, long sleeve shirt, gloves and long pants while picking rice in sun so brutal that in shorts and a t-shirt I’m sure I can feel the sun’s rays literally burning my skin. From what I understand, the sun isn’t reserved for the summer either. They live with it’s scorching power year-round. Covering up... Read More

Face Whitening Anyone?

I’d heard that whitening/bleaching creams were popular in Asia. In fact, I stocked up a little more on creams and lotions than other toiletry products so I wouldn’t have to restock in Asia because I heard that it was next to impossible to find creams without whitening agents. However, this is the first time I’ve seen advertising for it (on a Singapore train car).    Read More