Top Travel iPhone Apps

Whether it’s using an app standing outside of a restaurant with WiFi or making a note on a long bus ride, the right iPhone apps can make traveling and keeping in touch with friends and family a lot easier. Some of the best apps are built-in, number one and two on the list is the Mail app, but the Phone\SMS (if you’ve unlocked), the iPod, Alarm Clock and Calculator apps aren’t far behind.

When we left, we weren’t sure bringing our iPhones along was a good idea. But after almost 6 months on the road, we couldn’t imagine traveling without them. If you’re debating whether or not to bring your iPhone along, hesitate no longer.

Below are our favorite iPhone apps for people traveling long-term or on a RTW Trip with an iPhone (in no particular order):

Great app, that lets us access the treasure-trove of valuable TripAdvisor reviews (though we don’t use it to book hotels). It’s almost sinful that they don’t allow users, at the very least, to access saved favorites offline, but a must nevertheless. Free.

Free or close to free phone calls when in the presence of decent WiFi. Free.

Great apps for maintaining and updating our blog. Free.

It’s more than just hostels. We also used it to make reservations from time to time. Bonus: lets us download hotel information in country blocks so we can look at them offline (Take note TripAdvisor). Free.

Great app even if you aren’t traveling. Excellent for organizing travel advice and ideas. We only wish Shared Notebooks allowed two people to contribute from separate iPhones. Free.

Fun app that let’s you keep track of how many fill in the blank you’ve taken\consumed\drank\riden\etc. Free.

Pretty versatile tool for budgeting. Takes a little time to set up. Costs 4.99, but free to try.

Obvious, but important to mention. Free.

Global Help
We haven’t had to use it and don’t plan to. This app has police, fire, ambulance contact information as well as embassy information for most of the world’s countries. Costs $1.99

ING Direct\Charles Schwab\American Express
We use these apps to access our banks, you should probably download the apps for the places you have money. All three of these are very good. Free.

Pretty good international location-based weather. Free.

Great currency conversion app converts over 190 currencies. Costs $0.99.

Great app that sync’s Google Tasks with your iPhone. Helpful for writing down things to Google when we have internet, remembering to pay bills, etc. Cost $3.99, but free to try.

Let us know if you have any apps you think we should check out or add to this list.

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